Banquet Table Covers for Rental

Available Sizes
  • 4x30”, 6x18”, 6x24”, 6x30”, 8x30”.
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Complete the food service area of your event by renting trash can covers and jack stand trays to complete the overall look.
Banquet Table Cloth Covers for Rental

Make an impact with the perfect table skirting combination for food service areas, buffet stations, coffee stations and more. Beautiful for events and display tables. Sculptware offers discount linens in various colors or prints for any of your event’s needs.

Banquet table covers are perfect forhead tables, serving stations, conference rooms, tradeshows, and buffet tables. Sculptware spandex table covers come in a two piece design (base and cap), mixing and matching for your event color.

"Here at the hotel we have been using Sculptware's Linen, & Spandex for the last 4 years. I must say it is an outstanding product compared to other product of the same material. The customer service w/Sculptware is great, something you really need when you make the call to place an order."
Purchasing Manager, Midwest Marriott Hotel