Cocktail Table Linen for Rental

Available Sizes
  • 24”, 30”, 36”
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Pair cocktail table linens with bar stool covers, accent bands, and lighting for dramatic seating solutions.
  • Rotate the boots on highboy table legs for a fun twisted look.
  • Add LED light and a small Sculptlamp for an ambient lighting effect.
  • Add overlays to highboy table covers for a modern and fun look.
Spandex Cocktail Table Covers at Unbeatable Rental Discounts

Sculptware’s fitted table covers are a staple item for just about any event. Perfect for designing spaces to socialize and enhance guest experience. Ideal for event planners, destination management companies, wedding planners and catering companies.

Cocktail tables(sometimes called belly bar tables and highboys) are most popular for banquet halls, weddings, party rental companies and more.

"Sculptware spandex linens are great for our outdoor parties. They are functional, easy to work with and come in many different styles and colors. On top of that they supply the large quantities that we need and we really appreciate it. Sculptware is great to work with!"
Event Planner, Major Las Vegas Resort & Casino