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Event Essentials for Purchase

Sports stadiums, convention centers, hotels, caterers, rental companies, banquet halls and more are all confronted with coordinating every detail. This even includes event essentials like trash cans, bar stools, ice caddies, beverage containers and tray jack stands. Sculptware offers wholesale event covers for all the essentials to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Add some pizzazz

When it comes to party supplies, cover the basics in style. Do you think a bar stool and a cocktail table will look half as good without a cover? Bar stool covers are bound to give any dull room a splash of color! And what about tray jack stands and ice caddies? Those over-used stands need a little decking up too! Not to mention, trash cans, which can absolutely spoil anyone’s mood. Keep in mind that it’s always the small things that can make or break an event. Take away your worries with the amazing quality of Sculptware covers.


Screenprinting is the perfect solution for adding consistent branding throughout the venue or property. From adding recycle logos, to property names on the trash can covers, to messaging on the beverage containers– Sculptware has you covered with innovative solutions. You can coordinate the ice caddies and the trash can covers to give your company the brand boost that it needs!


Sculptware has the capabilities to provide standard and custom sizes. Contact Sculptware to customize to any size and configuration. You will be amazed at the speed, simplicity and affordability.


"Scupltware has always been a valuable resource for our organization. As a luxury hotel property we have great expectations in the products we put in front of our clients, and Sculptware has consistently delivered high-quality banquet products that are durable and flexible with our unique banquet sizes. They offer a wide variety of products that are accommodating to several banquet needs. Their customer service and business standards are something we know we can always trust."
Event Meeting Manager, Luxury Hotel Chain