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If you’re going to host an event, you need something with a little more panache than your average, ordinary, everyday lights. You need a lighting solution that looks great and lights up the venue. That style and balance can make or break the ambience of the event, so use Sculptware’s lighting solution to make sure your event is a memorable one and for the right reasons too. Whether it’s wedding lighting ideas you need, or if you’re trying to make an impact at a corporate event, Sculptware has products to suit your unique demands. Whether it’s a tabletop solution or something that’s slightly less intrusive, we have products that will be a crowd pleaser at any event you host.


Available in two sizes 14 inches and 30 inches, these table center-piece lighting options are distinct and attention grabbing. Pre-equipped with matching spandex shades, ScultLamps are battery operated, and remote controlled. Maybe most important of all is they are quick and easy to set up, and without the hassle of wires. The variety of light settings includes setting on one color, random, fade or jump from one color to the next. The spandex shades can be chosen to match the design of your table covers and/or chair covers.

LED under table lights (We have two Under Table Lights- See Below)

If wowing your guests is the effect you desire, then it doesn’t get much better than our range of LED under table lights. With an ample diameter size of 12 inches, these lights will make their presence felt, and add a whole new dimension to your event. They come in either solid color or a 5 color auto-change mode, and can be draped in a variety of designs that better reflect your event’s theme or motif. The LED under table lights are set up without hassle and can really set the vibe at your event, and cast a perfect glow on the surroundings without getting too overbearing. From the dull to the loud, your event can be reflected in the way it is lit.

Under table lights

This is truly the wedding planner’s dream. Under the table lights are perfect to set any mood with its unique, contained ambience, the perfect lighting for weddings. Battery operated and lasting up to 8 hours, with 5 auto color changing modes, these lights are bound to give your event thumbs up from your guests! You can’t go wrong with our affordable under table lighting rentals.


"Sculptware spandex linens are great for our outdoor parties. They are functional, easy to work with and come in many different styles and colors. On top of that they supply the large quantities that we need and we really appreciate it. Sculptware is great to work with!"
Event Planner, Major Las Vegas Resort & Casino