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Half Round Table Covers for Rental

Available Sizes
  • 60” and 72”
  • Limited color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Pair spandex half round with a small Sculptlamp for a perfect lighting solution.
Table Linen Rentals to Match Any Size

Half round spandex table covers, also referred to as half moon tables enhance your party or concessions. Great for wedding planners to utilize as a gift table, cake station, wine serving station and more.

Half moon tables are ideal for buffet, and sweet heart tables in limited spaces.

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We rent from Sculptware for all of our half round table needs. Their color options and available quantity are second to none.
Wedding Planner, Orlando Florida
Sculptware has given our clients the fun, creative look that they desire. The multiple pairing options allow for endless designs, which are great for those multiple day programs!
Event Planner, West Coast Rental Company