Hardtop Purchase

Available Sizes
  • 6x30”, 8x30”, 30” Round, 36” Round, 84” Serpentine
  • Spur Silver, Coconino Copper, and Grand Canyon Gold.
Bonus Ideas
  • Pair Sculptware’s aluminum tops with superior spandex linens.
Beautiful and Durable Surface for Food Service Stations

Sculptware's Aluminum Hardtops provide a beautiful and durable surface for food service stations, schoolies, banquet tables, and more. Manufactured from sturdy, heavy-gauge aluminum, Sculptware's Hardtops are stronger, and more robust than typical aluminum table toppers and covers, yet remain lightweight, and easy to handle.

Sculptware’s swirled aluminum table top surfaces are heat, and stain resistant with a beautiful swirl pattern. They fit easily over most standard banquet and cocktail tables, including 6x30, 8x30, 30" round, 36" round, and serpentines.

Aluminum Hardtops are available for purchase in three versatile colors to suit any theme or décor. Pair them with any of Sculptware's form-fitting spandex table linens to create beautiful seating, food service stations, and more.

A Cost Savings Solution

Reduce labor that is associated with frequent food service set ups and tear downs. Sculptware’s metal tops allow you to leverage existing tables by beautifying worn pieces, and extending the life of existing tables. Companies also reduce the time, cost, and environmental impact of laundering tablecloths after every event. Sculptware’s table toppers are removable and easily wiped down.

Hardtops at a Glance
  • Light weight.
  • Heavier gauge aluminum.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Won’t warp or bend.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Prolongs the life of your tables and linens.
  • Beautifies worn tables and linens.
  • Reduces cost and environmental impact of regularly laundering tablecloths.
  • Compatible with Sculptware’s spandex form-fitting linens.
  • Attractive swirl finish in a palette of versatile colors.
  • Quick and easy fit on top of most standard banquet tables.
  • Ideal for caterers, casinos, hotel, and hospitality settings that require food service and banquet stations.
"Sculptware is a fantastic company with great product and great people! The quality and design of their spandex products far exceeds all of the brands. With their quick customer service and proposal/quote turnaround, you can't beat their professionalism and helpful attitude!"
Director of Event Design, Major Southeast DMC