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Products for Purchase

Our wide selection of products includes a variety of options for every event from seating, lighting solutions, and table linens for sale. We have an exquisite range of products that will help make your event, banquet setting, pastry station or conference room pop!

Chair Covers

Gone are the days when a simple chair cover would work for an occasion. Nowadays, you'll find that more and more of your customers prefer fancier options. Stay one step ahead of the game with our chair covers. These come in different styles- we're talking CrossBack, Ruche, SplashBack and even stunning chair cover accents for fancier, grand occasions. Whether it's a national sales meeting, wedding, ballroom affair, convention, Super Bowl event, office party or an Independence Day celebration, whatever's your taste, our spandex chair covers have got your customers (and their chairs) covered.

Table Covers

Our table covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Rectangle, Round, Square, geometry is our strong point! We help you dress your customer tables in style and offer complimentary accents such as overlays, ruche covers with a wide variety of color options.

Aluminum HardTops

Aluminum table toppers are a tremendous solution, gorgeous, practical and efficient. Hardtops provide a beautiful swirl table finish that's durable for food serving stations, coffee set ups, and cocktail tables. Our tables are available in 3 color options and several shapes including rectangle, round and serpentine.

Custom screenprinting

From corporations to hotels to catering companies – make a brand impact with Sculptware customscreenprinting. We make sure we provide you with the best canvas to imprint your company logo to create an impact. If you are looking for customized table or chair branding, make sure that yours takes center stage with our custom screenprinting options.

Event Lighting Solutions

What's camera and action without the lights? Your event needs a little splash of lights and color to set the mood. With our Sculptware lamps and LED under table lights, you're sure to leave quite an impression on your guests! You can choose one color or shuffle between five to give your event that extra bit of oomph.

Event Essentials

Attention to detail is everything. And when it comes to pulling off a successful event, you have to pay attention to a hundred different things at once. Take the time and invest in covering those eyesores that every property, ballroom, venue and event have. Sculptware event essentials are ideal for covering trash cans, bar stools, ice caddies, beverage containers and tray jack stands. Make sure you have all your bases 'covered' at all times.


"The Sculptware website helps my clients understand the possibilities of spandex linens. My clients enjoy the interactive experience and it helps them visualize exactly how the table will look with their color choices. It's fun for them and it saves me hours of consulting time!"
Owner, Large Southeast Event Planning Company