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Products for Rent

Looking to rent linens for your next event? Need product for a specific event or look that you are trying to achieve? Look no further than Sculptware for ultimate convenience.We have broad based solutions for you. Sculptware’s rental inventory is unmatched both in the depth of what we offer, as well as the volume of each item we have available. We are your one-stop destination for the perfect range of linen rentals.

Chair Covers

If class and sophistication is what you are after, chair covers are the critical item you cannot do without. SculptChair, Crossack, Ruche or SplashBacks—we have spandex in all designs and colors. We even have an option for all those event planners working with a shoestring budget—TuxTails for rental! Just slip these on and voila! Your event will wow your guests and provide instant impact when walking into a ballroom

Table covers

Just as chair covers will give any event an instant touch of class, the same with table covers. Sculptware offers a range of table covers in the most versatile designs from table covers, sit-down rounds, cocktail, uche, overlays, serpentine and more. Whatever the configuration of your table, we have you covered in any shape and size. Whether it’s a food station, a bar counter or a banquet table, Sculptware has you covered.

Event lighting solutions

One of the most under-estimated and under-utilized things at any event, lighting can make your event an absolute hit or flop. Setting the mood and providing the perfect vibe are critical to the success of every event. With our range of Sculptware lamps and under the table lights for rent, you can be sure that your event will pop and leave your guests with quite the impression.

Event essentials

Cover those event eyesores with Sculptware’s wide range of event essentials. Trash cans, tray jack stands, rolling ice chests, beverage container covers, bar stools and more. Take advantage of the colorful range of spandex options. They will catch the guests’ attention and not in wrong way!


"Sculptware spandex linens are great for our outdoor parties. They are functional, easy to work with and come in many different styles and colors. On top of that they supply the large quantities that we need and we really appreciate it. Sculptware is great to work with!"
Event Planner, Major Las Vegas Resort & Casino