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Overlay Table Covers for Purchase

Available Sizes
  • 72” Round, 60” Round, 36” Highboy, 30” Highboy
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available.
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Coordinate with Sculptlamps for a truly unique table setting.
A Creative Table Overlay to Add Character to Any Occasion

Enhance your table covers with Sculptware’s talk of the town overlays. These cut out overlays are a perfect combination if you’re looking to create a fun textured appeal at your event.

Perfect for a wide variety of events including, birthday parties, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, and whimsical themed events. These special spandex cut out overlays add dimension and texture to sit down banquet tables and highboys.

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We’ve worked with Sculptware in the past and have been pleased with their product and service. Their spandex table covers can really change the look of an event and breathe life into your standard meeting room. They ship directly to the hotel and then all you have to do is ship the materials back to them in the bag they provide. It’s simple, easy and very affordable.
CMP, Major East Coast Broadcast Company
The Sculptware website helps my clients understand the possibilities of spandex linens. My clients enjoy the interactive experience and it helps them visualize exactly how the table will look with their color choices. It's fun for them and it saves me hours of consulting time!
Owner, Large Southeast Event Planning Company