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Are tables or traditional table skirts leaving the wrong impression? How can you grab the attention of your guests and let them know they’re in for a sophisticated, classy affair? Two simple words: Table Covers. Table covers coordinate the overall look and leave an impression of formality and class. Tablecloths for sale also come in a wide array of colors to ensure they tie in appropriately with any event or property décor.


Whether your table is rectangle, round, serpentine, cocktail table or coffee station—we’ve got it all covered. With Sculptware, design it’s not an issue. Our wide array of table linens will leave quite the impression on your guests. Colors? Not an issue! We have a huge selection to choose from!


Are you looking to give your company an edge over competitors? Are you looking to create brand exposure? Maybe you are looking to provide branding to a specific location of your property or venue. Sculptware is the perfect solution to create the brand exposure you are after. Extremely fast, convenient, and affordable. Send us your files and we will take care of the rest!


Lights under the table? What good will they do?—we’ll tell you. Are you looking to make your event more dramatic and leave a lasting impression? Purchase Sculptware LED table lights for extra effect! You can choose one color, or the automatic five color changing modes for more pizzazz! Whatever be your style, we have an option!

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"Sculptware is a fantastic company with great product and great people! The quality and design of their spandex products far exceeds all of the brands. With their quick customer service and proposal/quote turnaround, you can't beat their professionalism and helpful attitude!"
Director of Event Design, Major Southeast DMC