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Ruche Chair Covers for Purchase

  • Black, White, and Ivory Cream
Bonus Ideas
  • Add rhinestone buckle for more allure to your banquet chair setup.
  • Coordinate with ruche cocktail table covers for an exquisite wow factor.
Elegant Classy Look to Any Chair

A beautiful addition to the Sculptware chair cover collection, the ruche chair covers offer that elegant, classy, texture look. Ruche linens are beautiful, functional, and durable. Ideal for wedding planners, catering companies and rental companies.

Sculptware’s wholesale ruche chair covers are popular for banquet halls, caterers, party rental companies, restaurants, and weddings for a contemporary lycra chic and stunning choice for contemporary events.

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Sculptware is a fantastic company with great product and great people! The quality and design of their spandex products far exceeds all of the brands. With their quick customer service and proposal/quote turnaround, you can't beat their professionalism and helpful attitude!
Director of Event Design, Major Southeast DMC
Sculptware has given our clients the fun, creative look that they desire. The multiple pairing options allow for endless designs, which are great for those multiple day programs!
Event Planner, West Coast Rental Company