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Tray Jack Stand Covers for Purchase

  • Full color offering.
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Tray jackstand covers are one of the final details needed. Sculptware jack stand tray surface is made with rugged, polyester blend sewn into the spandex base to offer greater durability and protection from demanding food service environments.

Spandex tray covers allows all waiters and expediters to place serving trays on a stand with a nice sleek five star coverage that can be designed around your hotel, casino, restaurant and more.

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The Sculptware Jack Stand covers are the best out there hands down! The attention to detail with their design demonstrates they have been in the field and listened to their customers challenges. Taking the extra step to sew in a rugged top eliminates all of the issue we have had with their competitors designs. We go to Scultpware for all our needs!
Marriott Hotel, New York City
Best overall design out their hands down! The Sculptware creative design stands up to the heavy daily use at our property. Well done!
Casino, Misissippi