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Round Banquet Table Linens for Rental

Available Sizes
  • 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 66” 72”
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Complete your event with Sculptware’s matching chair covers and accent bands.
  • Utilize Sculptlamps as a unique alternative to traditional table centerpieces.
Rent Spandex Table Covers for Weddings, Restaurants or Banquets

Sculptware’s elegant round spandex table covers offer customization to any theme with a two-piece cap and base configuration that allows you to mix and match from our wide array of colors and prints for all events. A necessity for event planners, destination management companies, rental companies, catering organizations, hotels and more.

Renting linens online with Sculptware is easy with the large selection of round banquet table covers in all colors and patterns. Perfect for weddings, dinner settings, hotels, casinos, and venues.

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As the owner of a rental company, it is critical the product we purchase have the ability to stand the test of time to maxmize the total turns we get out of the product. Sculptware's high quality, durable product maximizes my companies ROI. They are the only call we make for spandex linen.
Owner, Northwest Rental Company
We rented 20 round banquet table covers for our office anniversary. They were delivered on time and returning was simple as Sculptware took care of all the logistics. Very professional & prompt service. I would not hesitate to go back.
Event Manager, Silicone Valley Tech Company