Ruche Chair Covers for Rental

  • Black, White, and Ivory Cream.
Bonus Ideas
  • Ruche spandex chair covers are best styled with Sculptware’s spandex table covers or traditional linens.
  • Add a rhinestone bucklefor added elegance.
  • Coordinate with ruche cocktail tables for that perfect color combination palette.
A Beautiful New Wrinkle in Chair and Table Linens

Sculptware adds a beautiful new wrinkle to our rental inventory with elegant ruche chair covers for rent. Great for wedding planners, galas, formal events, destination management companies, event production companies and more.

Lend a formal touch of elegance to your events with these versatile form-fitting, ruffled spandex chair covers. Ruche linens are beautiful and available in limited colors to coordinate with your décor and theme to help create memorable events, banquets and special engagements. Perfect for weddings, modern events and more!

"Sculptware has been a staple in 60-70% events I produce since we started using them in the mid nineties. Chair Covers are sometimes the first thing we sell to a client, because it (the chaircovers) can turn a tired ballroom into sexy, spectacular event. And although there may be competitors or look alikes, I never lose faith in the classic original."
Event Coordinator, Major Midwest DMC