Ruche Table Covers for Purchase

Available Sizes
  • 30” and 36” Highboy
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available.
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Add Sculptlamp for truly unique table setting.
Largest Specialty Linen Provider

Ruche table covers add the perfect texture detail to galas, weddings, and cocktail hours. Available in a wide range of color combinations for all event color pallets. Ruche cocktail table linens are sure to create a lasting impression your guest will never forget.

Ruche Linens effortlessly achieves the balance between simple, sleek spandex and a textured ruffled approach to surely enlighten guests.

"Sculptware is a fantastic company with great product and great people! The quality and design of their spandex products far exceeds all of the brands. With their quick customer service and proposal/quote turnaround, you can't beat their professionalism and helpful attitude!"
Director of Event Design, Major Southeast DMC