Sulptchair Chair Covers


"Sculptware is awesome! Since we've been using Sculptwares products, we've been introduced to a whole new world of niche marketing with our company.  The metalllic chair covers are the perfect final touch for award winners.  Sculptware's quality and continuous product updates keeps us ahead of the competition! Thanks guys!"

"The Sculptware website helps my clients understand the possibilities of spandex linens. My clients enjoy the interactive experience and it helps them visualize exactly how the table will look with their color choices. It's fun for them and it saves me hours of consulting time!"

Owner, Large Southeast Event Planning Company

"Sculptware spandex linens are great for our outdoor parties. They are functional, easy to work with and come in many different styles and colors. On top of that they supply the large quantities that we need and we really appreciate it. Sculptware is great to work with!"

Event Planner, Major Las Vegas Resort & Casino

"Here at the hotel we have been using Sculptware's Linen, & Spandex for the last 4 years. I must say it is an outstanding product compared to other product of the same material. The customer service w/Sculptware is great, something you really need when you make the call to place an order."

Purchasing Manager, Midwest Marriott Hotel

"Sculptware is a fantastic company with great product and great people! The quality and design of their spandex products far exceeds all of the brands. With their quick customer service and proposal/quote turnaround, you can't beat their professionalism and helpful attitude!"

Director of Event Design, Major Southeast DMC

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mark Hedge and the Sculptware team for a few years now and couldn't be happier with their products and services.  Not only do they provide unique, top of the line spandex linen but the teams genuine care for every event puts them above the rest.  If you haven't tried them, you, and your clients are missing out on a great product perfect for any event.  From black tie to tie-die, they've got you covered!"

Event Coordinator/Facility Manager, Southeast Full Service Event Planning and Production Company

"Scupltware has always been a valuable resource for our organization. As a luxury hotel property we have great expectations in the products we put in front of our clients, and Sculptware has consistently delivered high-quality banquet products that are durable and flexible with our unique banquet sizes. They offer a wide variety of products that are accommodating to several banquet needs. Their customer service and business standards are something we know we can always trust."

Event Meeting Manager, Luxury Hotel Chain

"The quality of your chair covers is amazing - much better than our local resources!"

President, California Event Planning Company

"Two thumbs up to Sculptware. You have proved to be a very effective source for Spandex, linens. The compliments are steady and consistent as a result of using your product, in addition, new clients are expressing value in our custom designs, which takes their Catering & Meeting experience to the Next Level. Thanks for the opportunity."

Banquet Manager, Large Atlanta Hotel and Conference Center

"Sculptware has given our clients the fun, creative look that they desire. The multiple pairing options allow for endless designs, which are great for those multiple day programs!"

Event Planner, West Coast Rental Company

"We’ve worked with Sculptware in the past and have been pleased with their product and service. Their spandex table covers can really change the look of an event and breathe life into your standard meeting room. They ship directly to the hotel and then all you have to do is ship the materials back to them in the bag they provide. It’s simple, easy and very affordable."

CMP, Major East Coast Broadcast Company

"Sculptware provides a very cost-effective way to add color, excitement and atmosphere to events and tradeshows and turns tables and chairs into "art". They're a wonderful event resource and have great customer service."

Marketing, Billion Dollar Utility Company

"The Sculptware fitted table covers have been great for us! They give our events just the right touch of class and professionalism."

Sacramento Kings, NBA Basketball Team

"Sculptware has been a staple in 60-70% events I produce since we started using them in the mid nineties. Chair Covers are sometimes the first thing we sell to a client, because it (the chaircovers) can turn a tired ballroom into sexy, spectacular event. And although there may be competitors or look alikes, I never lose faith in the classic original."

Event Coordinator, Major Midwest DMC

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