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CrossBacks for Rental

  • Black, White, and Ivory Cream.
Bonus Ideas
  • Add a rhinestone buckle to enhance the overall look and feel.
  • Compatible with Sculptware’s form fitting table linens.
Criss-Cross Lycra Chair Covers for Rent

Sculptware’s spandex CrossBack chair covers are ideal for banquet style chairs, weddings, receptions, formal events and special themed parties looking to add a touch of elegance.

Lend a formal touch of sophistication to any event with crisscross chair covers. Ideal for wedding planners, destination management companies, event production companies, catering, rental companies, and more.

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Sculptware spandex linens are great for our outdoor parties. They are functional, easy to work with and come in many different styles and colors. On top of that they supply the large quantities that we need and we really appreciate it. Sculptware is great to work with!
Event Planner, Major Las Vegas Resort & Casino
I've had the pleasure of working with Mark Hedge and the Sculptware team for a few years now and couldn't be happier with their products and services.  Not only do they provide unique, top of the line spandex linen but the teams genuine care for every event puts them above the rest.  If you haven't tried them, you, and your clients are missing out on a great product perfect for any event.  From black tie to tie-die, they've got you covered!
Event Coordinator/Facility Manager, Southeast Full Service Event Planning and Production Company