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Square Table Linens for Rental

Available Sizes
  • 30” and 36”
  • Limited color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Pair with Sculptlamp for an elegant table setting.
Table Linen Rental Online

Leave no detail uncovered with Sculptware’s square table linens. Sculptware provides table linen solutions for all tables big or small and for multipurpose use, food service stations, coffee bars, and more.

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"The Sculptware website helps my clients understand the possibilities of spandex linens. My clients enjoy the interactive experience and it helps them visualize exactly how the table will look with their color choices. It's fun for them and it saves me hours of consulting time!"
Owner, Large Southeast Event Planning Company
"Here at the hotel we have been using Sculptware's Linen, & Spandex for the last 4 years. I must say it is an outstanding product compared to other product of the same material. The customer service w/Sculptware is great, something you really need when you make the call to place an order."
Purchasing Manager, Midwest Marriott Hotel