Trash Containers and Slim Jim Covers for Purchase

Available Sizes
  • 33, 44, and 55 Gal
  • Custom sizes and configurations are available.
  • Full color offering.
Bonus Ideas
  • Let Sculptware help you recycle in style by screen printing recycle logos on your trash can covers.
  • Match trash can covers with event table linen décor, jack stand, ice caddies and other food service essentials.
Food Service Essentials for Purchase

Sculptware’s spandex trash can covers are widely used for catering supplies, hotel, and restaurant companies. Sculptware trash can covers can be custom screenprinted to denote recycling receptacles or with your logo for a beautiful, branded appearance.

Blend them in or stand them out, either way, Sculptware ensures they won’t trash your event.

"The quality of your chair covers is amazing - much better than our local resources!"
President, California Event Planning Company