For many clients, owning Sculptware form-fitting spandex covers is a smarter investment than renting, so we've made all of our products available for purchase. With your Sculptware purchase you'll enjoy:

  • Quality: Sculptware uses only the finest spandex for durability, sheen, consistency of shape, quality of fit and no show-through.
  • Commitment to superior design, materials and manufacturing, which means your Sculptware purchase will provide years of worry-free use, outperforming cheaper knock-offs.
  • Durability: Our thicker DuraForm line of spandex covers offers a more robust option to handle the wear and tear of every day use. When ordering, ask your Sculptware representative for details.
  • PopTop form-fitting spandex table covers are available in both 1-piece and 2-piece (cap and base) configurations, to accommodate your unique needs.
  • Easy set-up, easy take down
  • Simple and convenient storage
  • Easy, wrinkle-free, no press maintenance

Our complete inventory of form-fitting spandex covers, in all colors and patterns, is available. Not only do we offer custom colors, patterns and printing for purchase, but our product design team can also create custom covers to fit just about any product!

Contact us today and speak to a Sculptware representative for complete details on purchasing. At Sculptware, we are committed to service, and making sure your needs are addressed quickly and professionally. When you call Sculptware, you are connected with a person, not a recording. Our skilled representatives can answer all of your questions, assist you with design, ordering, shipping and every aspect of your Sculptware experience.

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"Sculptware provides a very cost-effective way to add color, excitement and atmosphere to events and tradeshows and turns tables and chairs into "art". They're a wonderful event resource and have great customer service."
Marketing, Billion Dollar Utility Company