Chair Covers & Accents

Rent or Buy. Sophisticated, modern, quick and easy to use, clean and reuse. Fits most standard chairs.

Rent Spandex Chair Covers & Accents

Renting Sculptware spandex covers and accents for chairs is quick, convenient, hassle-free and the perfect way to make your event or party look amazing! Rental options include 35+ colors and patterns and the opportunity to pick from an assortment of the nation’s largest chair covers and linens. We typically process orders within 24 hours.

Purchase Spandex Chair Covers & Accents

Purchasing Sculptware's spandex chair covers and accents has never been easier. Explore three distinct price points of banquet chair covers to meet any budget. Sculptware’s inventory consists of premium quality linens and chair covers including patented polycaster boots. Find the summary of the different options HERE.