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How do I request a quote?

We provide a variety of options to request a quote. Please utilize whatever is easiest and most efficient. The four ways to request a quote include: quick quote feature at the top of the website, a more detailed and very specific quote through the get a quote feature, email sales@sculptwareonline.com or call 888-282-8811 and we will connect you to your dedicated Sculptware Area Sales Manager who will be happy to assist you.

How do I place an order?

Very easy. Simply sign off on the quote and rental / purchase agreement and fax / email to your Sculptware Area Sales Manager.

Is there a minimum order?

Most orders do not require a minimum, however select portions of our portfolio do have a small minimum that must be met.

Do you rent or sell your product?

Sculptware provides both rental and purchase services.

When should I confirm my rental order?

Please allow 2 business days prior to ship date.

When should I confirm a screenprint (branding) order?

Once the quote is accepted and signed, a screenprint proof will be emailed to you for approval. Sculptware requires a signed proof and quote in order to proceed. Each screen print process has a three-week lead time that starts once the art proof and contract have been signed. Expedited orders are available for a rush fee. Contact your Sculptware representative for details.

How will my order be delivered to me?

A majority of orders will arrive via UPS. All rental orders arrive in black Sculptware duffel bags. All purchase orders arrive in Sculptware shipping boxes. Please make sure your Ship To location can accept deliveries.

Can I pick up my order?

If your event is local to our facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can absolutely pick up product for your event.

Cancellation Policy

What is your rental order cancellation policy?

Rental order cancellations can be made 48 hours prior to the scheduled ship date. Cancellations with less than 48 hours will be subject to a restocking fee. Cancellations for rental orders shipped, returned unused will be subject to a 40% restocking fee.

What is the policy for canceling a custom order?

Orders for custom product cannot be canceled after the manufacturing process starts.

What is the policy for canceling a purchase order?

Orders for standard purchase items cannot be canceled after the manufacturing process starts. Specific high volume exceptions do apply, which in case the order may be subject to a restock fee.


What are your shipping costs?

Shipping charges vary by location, weight and type of service. We normally ship via ground service with UPS, but can use expedited service or alternative carriers if necessary to meet the required event date. We always look for the most economical route for your order.

Does Sculptware ship internationally?

Sculptware ships product throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. We also ship product to Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and Latin America.

Rental Return Process and Packaging

How does the return process work for rental orders?

Sculptware provides a pre-paid shipping label for the return of each duffel bag in your order. On the duffel bag there is a white "Tie-Tag" that shows the shipping information from Sculptware to you. On the inside of the tie-tag is where the pre-paid return label will be found. Pull apart the tie-tag, reverse it, and use the adhesive pad provided to apply the tie-tag together again. The duffel bag(s) is/are ready to be returned.

If your company/hotel already has a daily scheduled pick up from UPS, you will need to place the duffel bags where the UPS driver can find them. If your company/hotel does not have a normal daily pick up, then we at Sculptware will handle the scheduling for you. If a circumstance arises that changes the pickup date, we ask you to please call us at 1-888-282-8811 as soon as possible and ask to speak with our Return Service Department who will work with you to schedule another pickup. For large freight orders follow the above instructions with one additional step. A bill of lading will be in bag # 1 when the product is delivered. Please remove the bill of lading as you will need this when returning product.

What do I do if I have lost my UPS return label or Sculptware return duffel bags?

If for any reason you lose the pre-paid return label or the Sculptware duffel bag, call 1-888-282-8811 immediately and ask for our Return Service Department and we would be happy to assist you.

Are there any special packaging instructions for the return of my rental order?

Ship dry linens. Please make sure that all linens are dry before repacking the duffel bags. If the linens are wet, we ask you to please allow them to air dry before you repackage the product, in which case we will be happy to reschedule your pick-up at no additional charge.

Do not mix colors. Please do not mix colors when returning your linens as color transfer is possible. If color transfer occurs as a result of incorrect return packing charges may apply.

Please do not over pack the duffel bags as this may result in damaging the bags and a loss of merchandise.

How do I handle damp or wet linens after an event?

If your linens are wet or damp, we request that you allow the linens an opportunity to air dry before repacking them in an effort to prevent mold and permanent damage. Please ensure the linens are free of food, floral and any other type of debris. Call our office at 1-888-282-8811, ask for the Return Service Department and we would be happy to assist you in the reschedule of your pick up at no additional charge.

What happens if my linens are not returned on time?

You may be subject to a late return charge. It is important to return your rental order on time so we can process the order in a timely manner for cleaning purposes. If there are any delays in returning orders, please contact the Return Service Department immediately.

May I combine different orders in the same return package?

We prefer to have orders returned to us using the prepaid return label issued to a specific contract, but it is more important that we get our linen back as soon as possible. If necessary, it is acceptable to combine different orders in the same return package, however we ask that you do not combine colors.

Do I have to clean the linens before I return them?

No. We actually prefer you to not clean the linens and return directly to us so we can process appropriately.

When do my rental items need to be returned?

As soon as possible. In your rental contract you will see we require the linens to be picked up 1 to 2 days after your event.


Do your chair covers fit most chairs?

Sculptware's product is made from the highest quality stretch to fit linen on the market. Because we are using a custom 4 way stretch material, Sculptware chair covers can be used on virtually all standard chair styles. If you have a question, feel free to discuss it with a Sculptware representative and we would be happy to assist. Samples are available to confirm the fit meets your expectations (shipping charges may apply)

Do Sculptware’s patented polycasters fit the feet of most chairs and tables?

Absolutely. Sculptware spent significant amounts of time engineering a flexible and diverse solution. Our innovative polycasters fit virtually all standard tables and chairs. If you have a question, feel free to contact a Sculptware representative and we will be happy to assist and even send a sample to confirm the fit meets your expectations. If for some reason the polycaster fit is not acceptable, we would be happy to offer a non booted linen alternative.

What size linen do I need for my tables?

Please contact a Sculptware representative and we can walk you through the process quickly to arrive at the appropriate solution for your event.

Damages and Loss

What happens if the linen from a rental event has been lost or damaged?

Sculptware inspects all rental linen upon receipt of product to our facility. Individual pieces are counted and inspected 100%. You will be charged a percentage of the full purchase price for lost or damaged product. Before packing table linens for return, make sure to remove any food, floral or other miscellaneous debris.

How are fees calculated for lost or damaged linen?

Fees for lost or damaged linen are factored at 20% off the standard purchase price.


What if I need to change my rental order?

Changes to rental orders can be made 2 business days prior to the scheduled ship date. Changes with less than 2 business days are subject to a restocking fee. Additions to an order may be made at any time however shipping charges will need to be revised appropriately.

Orders for the purchase of standard or custom product must be discussed and approved prior to a change. Charges will be determined based on the point in the manufacturing process the order is currently at.

How far in advance should I place my orders?

Ideally as much notification as possible so we can ensure availability of product for your event. However, because Sculptware has the largest inventory in the industry we are specialist at supporting last minute request.

When can I expect to receive my rental order?

Your order will typically arrive 2 business days prior to the event. If the order was confirmed late, your order will arrive 1 day prior to the event.

What is the policy for rental linens returned unused?

Linens returned unused are subject to full rental charges unless the order is returned in the original packaging, in which case a 40% restocking fee will apply.


Do you accept custom orders?

Yes. A Sculptware representative can assist you with any custom linen request. Custom orders require a customer signature and a non-refundable 50% deposit before the order can be processed. We manufacture and ship product from Scottsdale, Arizona enabling us to provide industry leading turnaround times. Refunds will not be issued for custom product.

When should I confirm my purchase order?

Standard leadtime on purchase orders is 2 weeks. If a quicker turnaround is needed, please let us know and we will make every effort to support.

Swatches & Samples

Can I order samples or swatches?

Yes, samples and swatches can be ordered through the website, emailing, or calling and reviewing your request with a Sculptware representative. Swatches are yours to keep at no charge. Let us know the colors of your event and we will select a few swatches to send to you. Please limit your swatch needs to a reasonable number. Samples are supplied at no charge as well. We request samples to be returned by the date designated on the shipping documentation or your credit card may be charged. Sculptware will pay shipping cost for samples and swatches, except in cases where expedited service is requested.