Metal Table Top Skirting Wrap

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Sculptware Skirting for Metal Top Tables

Our Open/Exposed Table Top Skirting leaves the table top uncovered as an alternative to traditionally full table coverings for tables with metal tops with underside nubs. These linens are reinforced entirely around the top to prevent table nubs from wearing through the fabric. Sculptware skirting is available in our full array of colors.

Sculptware Advantages

  • Patented Polycaster boots extend product life by attaching to linen and table feet, thus preventing ripping and soiling by keeping linens from contacting the ground.

  • Ideal for Southern Aluminum and MityLite tables, as our skirting leaves the table top uncovered.

  • Skirting attaches to the underside of the table and covers all four sides from the table edge to floor. Nubs are required underneath the table to attach the skirting.

  • Our robust table covers are designed for the rigors of regular high-traffic use to offer lasting purchase value.

  • Sculptware linens are easy to install, no press or dry clean required.

  • Sculptware table covers are the perfect canvas for making a bold graphic impact. Let us print your brand, logo, and message right on your table cover for high impact marketing.

  • Skirting can also be paired with a matching or contrasting table cap for a complete linen look.

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