Spandex Table Covers

Rent or Buy in wholesale. Sculptware's extensive line of tablecloths provides an opportunity to create an event space that is unique to an event or venue. Sculptware sets the standard for an elegant appearance, exceptional quality and outstanding product life cycle.

Rent Sculptware Spandex Table Covers

Renting Sculptware form-fitting spandex table covers is always quick, convenient, hassle-free and guaranteed to make your event look fantastic!
  • Rental options include 35+ color options and the nation's largest spandex table cover inventory.
  • You can choose from a wide range of unique table covers such as rectangle table covers, cocktail table covers, round table covers, and many more.
  • Mix and match base and cap to create color contrast.
  • Most orders are processed within 24 hours.
  • Quality, convenience, availability and affordability.

Purchase Sculptware Spandex Table Covers

Purchase Sculptware's line of table skirting to maximize your investment. Sculptware's table linens lead the industry in product life cycle. Our commitment to quality is evident with patented polycaster boots, superior materials, innovative design, and quality workmanship.

Polycaster boots are a feature unique to Sculptware products that preserve the linen by keeping it from touching the ground, thus preventing ripping and soiling as well as providing a finished, furnished look.