Sitdown Round Table Covers

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Sculptware spandex table covers set the standard for appearance, quality, and product life cycle. Our products are visually and structurally superior thanks to our higher end material, creative design, workmanship, and our patented Polycaster boot system.
  • Polycaster boots are a feature unique to Sculptware. Polycaster boots extend product life by attaching to linen and table feet, thus preventing ripping and soiling by keeping linens from contacting the ground.

  • Our robust table covers are designed for the rigors of regular high-traffic use to offer lasting purchase value.

  • Measuring not required. True 4-Way Stretch fabric easily stretches over most standard tables for a tailored, uniform look across a variety of styles, heights, and widths.

  • Versatile cap and base design allows you to easily mix and match colors and patterns to match any theme or décor.

  • Sculptware linens are easy to install, no press or dry clean required.