Rental Return Policy

How does the return process work for rental orders?

Sculptware provides a pre-paid shipping label for the return of each duffel bag in your order. On the duffel bag there is a white "Tie-Tag" that shows the shipping information from Sculptware to you. On the inside of the tie-tag is where the pre-paid return label will be found. Pull apart the tie-tag, reverse it, and use the adhesive pad provided to apply the tie-tag together again. The duffel bag(s) is/are ready to be returned.

If your company/hotel already has a daily scheduled pick up from UPS, you will need to place the duffel bags where the UPS driver can find them. If your company/hotel does not have a normal daily pick up, then we at Sculptware will handle the scheduling for you. If a circumstance arises that changes the pickup date, we ask you to please call us at 1-888-282-8811 as soon as possible and ask to speak with our Return Service Department who will work with you to schedule another pickup. For large freight orders follow the above instructions with one additional step. A bill of lading will be in bag # 1 when the product is delivered. Please remove the bill of lading as you will need this when returning product.

What do I do if I have lost my UPS return label or Sculptware return duffel bags?

If for any reason you lose the pre-paid return label or the Sculptware duffel bag, call 1-888-282-8811 immediately and ask for our Return Service Department and we would be happy to assist you.

Are there any special packaging instructions for the return of my rental order?

Ship dry linens. Please make sure that all linens are dry before repacking the duffel bags. If the linens are wet, we ask you to please allow them to air dry before you repackage the product, in which case we will be happy to reschedule your pick-up at no additional charge.

Do not mix colors. Please do not mix colors when returning your linens as color transfer is possible. If color transfer occurs as a result of incorrect return packing charges may apply.

Please do not over pack the duffel bags as this may result in damaging the bags and a loss of merchandise.

How do I handle damp or wet linens after an event?

If your linens are wet or damp, we request that you allow the linens an opportunity to air dry before repacking them in an effort to prevent mold and permanent damage. Please ensure the linens are free of food, floral and any other type of debris. Call our office at 1-888-282-8811, ask for the Return Service Department and we would be happy to assist you in the reschedule of your pick up at no additional charge.

What happens if my linens are not returned on time?

You may be subject to a late return charge. It is important to return your rental order on time so we can process the order in a timely manner for cleaning purposes. If there are any delays in returning orders, please contact the Return Service Department immediately.

May I combine different orders in the same return package?

We prefer to have orders returned to us using the prepaid return label issued to a specific contract, but it is more important that we get our linen back as soon as possible. If necessary, it is acceptable to combine different orders in the same return package, however we ask that you do not combine colors.

Do I have to clean the linens before I return them?

No. We actually prefer you to not clean the linens and return directly to us so we can process appropriately.

When do my rental items need to be returned?

As soon as possible. In your rental contract you will see we require the linens to be picked up 1 to 2 days after your event.